• What's the difference in between a three-pronged plug as well as a two-pronged plug?

    The third prong on a plug is a basing prong. Two-prong receptacles do not have the very same level of grounding as a three-prong device. The 3rd grounding prong gives extra protection to the electrical system, the product plugged in, as well as you from electrical shock.

  • What should I do if a home appliance constantly blows a fuse?

    First, make sure there are few appliances connected into one circuit, as this can overload it. If it's simply one appliance, unplug it as well as either change it or call us to fix it. You could also attempt connecting another home appliance to the troublesome receptacle.

  • What's the advantage of whole-house surge protection?

    When you secure your whole residence from power surges, you'll shield all of the tools in it instead of simply one piece that's linked into a surge guard. This can be found in specifically helpful if you utilize a lot of electronics or appliances.

  • What's the distinction in between a blown fuse and also a blown breaker?

    When the electrical present that passes through a fuse surpasses the limit, it sheds a hole in the thin strip of metal. This quits the circulation of current as well as it indicates you have actually a blown a fuse. Fuses need to be replaced (not reset).

  • Do I require a special electrical box to install a ceiling fan?

    Yes. Since a ceiling fan is an energetic lots that is heavier than a lot of lighting fixtures, you require an unique installing box developed for this application.


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